TLC Services Mobile Pet Grooming FAQs

Sounds expensive, is it?
Mobile grooming is all about one-on-one personal attention at your doorstep, so it may be somewhat higher, but you are paying for convenience and first class personal service.

pet_grooming_servicesDo I have to be home?
We all live busy lives and TLC Mobile Pet Grooming is all about convenience so once we’ve met and established a relationship, you don’t have to be home. You come home to a clean, groomed, happy pet! For the first visit TLC requires that you are at home and available.

Can I watch?
This is not recommended as an ongoing practice because sometimes pets are more anxious and misbehave in the presence of their owners. There are also insurance requirements to abide by, however when there are special circumstances we can discuss the situation. Sometimes your help is appreciated with very large or very elderly pets.

Do you have to plug in?
No, the van has its own power and water supply. The van is also battery powered with a diesel engine assist. There is a 60-gallon fresh water tank and a water heater for warm water baths. TLC can do everything a salon can do – all in the van!

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

At this time, credit cards are not accepted. Cash and checks are currently accepted. Returned checks may be assessed with a returned check fee.

Do you accept any breed of dogs or cats?

Yes, for the most part. There are no weight or breed restrictions. TLC has experience with almost all recognized breed clips and owners requests.

Do you groom special needs pets?

Yes, if you have a pet that is elderly, disabled, has temperament issues or is shy TLC Mobile Pet Grooming may be your answer. Grooming is done in a quiet, stress free environment – not far from your pet's safe zone (home). Pets with special needs will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Your pet’s health is most important to TLC. Grooming services may have to end, if there is a risk to the health or safety of your pet.

What about cancellations or if I forget my appointment?

Cancellations require at least a 24 hour notice. Emergencies do occur. Repeat offenders may be charged!

What type of shampoos do you use?

TLC uses the very best All Natural, soap free, sulfate free shampoos by Espree, Tropiclean, and Nature’s Specialties. These shampoos are all gentle and non-toxic. Furminator brand de-shedding shampoos are also used. We can use other shampoos if your pet has a special shampoo or vet recommended brand medicated shampoo.

Do you groom all year long?

Yes! The TLC Mobile Salon is climate controlled: heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. However, we do not go out if the snow fall makes driving dangerous.

How long does a typical grooming take?

Grooming time depends on the breed. Typically it is anywhere from an hour for a smaller short-haired breed to three hours for a standard poodle.

What is included in a full grooming?

See the services page for details, but mostly everything is included except major dematting and anal gland expression.

Are cages used?

No, cages are not used. Your pet is first towel dried and then blown dry by hand. Your dog is never put in a cage for drying. TLC also puts cotton in their ears and/or will put a hoodie on their head if the noise bothers them. The van is equipped with 3 different strength dryers to tailor the drying to the pet’s needs and temperament.

What are your hours?

By appointment only. Monday through Friday, some Saturdays and some evenings.

What’s the advantage of mobile grooming?

In short, customer convenience and a stress free, healthier experience for your pet! Pet owners do not need to transport their animals to a salon, or put dirty dogs in their cars because the mobile groomer comes to them. Mobile grooming allows the pet to remain calmer by staying in their home environment and avoiding the stress of being around other animals as is typical in a grooming shop. TLC never cages your dog or cat. If your pet needs a break they get it. Also there is a much reduced risk of illness from being in contact with other dogs and cats. The mobile salon is cleaned and sanitized between clients and has excellent fresh air ventilation. This is an especially good choice for immune compromised pets.

Can I take a tour of your van?


Will my pet be washed in cold water?

No, the mobile salon is fully equipped and has an on demand hot water heater that provides plenty of warm water for many baths.

How often should my pet be groomed?

That depends on the breed, it's lifestyle and surroundings and your preferences. Most of TLC’s clients have their pets groomed on regular schedule, usually every 4-6 weeks. We encourage scheduled repeat appointments that way you get the appointment you want. Please contact us so we can recommend a regular schedule tailored for your pet.

Why have your pet professionally groomed on a regular basis?

Regular grooming is not just about looking good, but also about your pet’s health and comfort. Dogs whose hair tangles and mats easily need to have their coats kept at a reasonable length and be brushed and combed out regularly to prevent a major problem necessitating the dreaded “shavedown”. Severe matting can be painful to your pet and easily become a health issue. Shedding dogs and dogs with double coats can be uncomfortably hot without the coat professionally de-shedded. Also stickers, fox tails as well as those nasty ticks can make their way into the coat and skin without being noticed. When we groom your pet we examine every inch of the skin and check thoroughly for such problems. We also note and alert you to new or changing lumps and bumps, moles and other skin issues. Dogs with allergies often need to be bathed more often to get the allergens off their coat. This mostly applies to cats, especially long-haired breeds. Some cat owners like to keep their cat in a lion cut.

My pet is scared of water and hates being groomed.

TLC can help. As a professional groomer, Jane, is used to handling reluctant dogs that don’t want to be bathed or groomed. Lots of pampering, talking and the occasional doggie treat are used. We will work with your pet to give them the best experience possible.

My dog/cat has fleas, how do I get rid of them?

It is recommended you use a product called Capstar before our visit. Capstar kills all the fleas within 4 hours. It’s available at most pet stores or at your vet. TLC will then bathe your pet using an environmentally friendly, natural flea shampoo which will eradicate the remainder of the fleas on the pet and help soothe the skin irritations caused by the flea bites. We will also discuss with you a plan to eradicate the problem from your pet’s bedding and your home and will suggest a spot-on monthly flea preventative treatment, like Frontline.

How should I prepare my pet for grooming?
Please let them go potty before TLC arrives. Also don’t feed them within an hour or so (because then they will need to go potty). If they take medicine for arthritis pain, you may want to give them some before the grooming. For cats it is recommended that you put them in a carrier or in a small room so they don’t run under the bed or couch when the doorbell rings.

What do you need to know?

TLC will need to know your pet’s age, sex, weight, and breed as well as any health issues or behavior concerns, your vet's contact info and vaccination history. Please let us know if you give your pet tranquilizers or pain medicine before the grooming. Let TLC know of any of your concerns, be they related to the health of your pet or if they have had bad grooming experiences in the past, anything that may help understand your pet better.

What if I need to give my pet something to calm him/her down?
If your veterinarian has recommended that you give them a tranquilizer, allow time for the medicine to really kick in. Ask your veterinarian the time frame of when the tranquilizer will take effect and how long it will last. There are several different types and some take as long as two hours to take effect.

Will I receive a reminder?

Yes, if you would like one.

Do you recommend shaving a dog for the summer?

It is a common misconception that all dogs would automatically be cooler if they had less hair.

First, it is important to consider what type of hair the dog has. Some dogs have hair that continues growing longer until it is cut. These breeds can be shaved with no problem. Taking off excess coat by shaving them down in hot weather will make them more comfortable and cooler, and will not cause damage to the dog's coat.

Double-coated or fur-bearing breeds have coats that grow to a predetermined length. Double coats act as insulators against the elements, and should never be shaved.


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“Thank you so much for all your help with the dogs. You do a beautiful job and are very kind with them. They honestly love getting in that truck with you!”

~Penny W & Stevie, Charlie, & Chloe